Our Process


Your Experience

Each session is a customized experience specifically tailored to you. We value having a tangible art piece that can be loved in your home now and passed down to future generations, so that is our primary focus. We value spending time with you and building a life long relationship, so we take time to get to know you.






Your Design Appointment

First, we need to coordinate all the elements of your session much like we choose the color palette for a room in order to arrive at the best portrait session for you.

So, about one week before our session, we will meet to discuss clothing, style, and how you want to showcase your images and begin designing your Legacy Wall.




Your Session

Second, your Portrait Session will take place at the studio or one of the chosen locations in the area. Most last up to one hour, but since we want to give you plenty of time to relax and have fun during the session, we will not limit the session by time.








 The Reveal

Third, all the time and effort that has been put into your session will be finalized and revealed at this appointment.

About one week after our session, we will meet up to choose the images and products you love best and put the order together that best suits you.






Delivery and Installation

Lastly, within 2-4 weeks of your Ordering Appointment, we will deliver your beautiful heirlooms to your home and install your wall art if you desire.




A relationship with you and your loved ones.

Tangible artwork that happens to be your family and great value and savings.


We offer more than just a usb drive of digital images.

We offer value, a relaxed, custom experience, and beautiful works of art, that happens to be your family. 

    Songs of Life Photography Studio

Portrait Artists and Legacy Wall Designers

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