Your Experience

Each session is an customized experience specifically tailored to you. We value having a tangible art piece that can be loved in your home now and passed down to future generations, so that is our primary focus. We value spending time with you and building a life long relationship, so we take time to get to know you.

And, we do that by asking questions and spending time with you before the actual session.







We ask questions like:

Why do you want to have a session now?

What do you plan to do with your images?

 How do you want to showcase the images in  your home?

Love and ConnectionLove and ConnectionA beautiful example of a mother's love for her son.



Working with Songs of Life Photography looks something like this:


The Design Appointment

We need to coordinate all the elements of your session (clothing, session type, location, end result) much like we choose the color palette for a room, or consider the color scheme of a room before we purchase artwork, in order to arrive at the best portrait session for you.

Linda will come to your home and photograph the walls you are considering for the artwork so you will see how your portraits will look on your walls. Coming to the studio to see all available ways to showcase your images will help you visualize what is best for you.




The Portrait Session

Having your portraits taken is a very special time. Spend time after your session having dinner, seeing a movie, or doing whatever else you love together. Make a day out of it with your loved ones.

Your Portrait Appointment will take place at the studio or one of the chosen locations in the area. Most last up to one hour, but since we want to give you plenty of time to relax and have fun during the session, we will not limit the session by time.








The Ordering Appointment

The time and thought invested to ensure every part of your portrait appointment comes together is revealed at this appointment.

It is at this time that we will put together and finalize an order for you that best suits your needs and wants, so it is highly recommended that all decision makers are present.

We do this by using special software that displays the sizes and wall groupings in actual rooms and by revealing this on a large tv screen.

You will see how your artwork will look in the rooms of your home so you can make the best choices of mediums. (canvas, framed prints, premium products, etc.)



We offer more than just a usb drive of digital images. We offer value, an experience, and beautiful works of art, that happens to be your family.  

The only portraits that you will ever regret are the ones you never had taken. Take time now to show your children just how important they are to you by proudly displaying their portraits on the walls of your home.


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