A Wonderful Family Reunion

August 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

When your relatives from Italy come all the way to Illinois, you have to have a special party for them! And, that is just want Sandi and Mike did. Getting 40 people in a crowded room was a little tricky, but we did it. Food tables, couches, chairs and a few other items had to be moved, but everyone managed and we were able to get the image that Sandi wanted.

It was a little rushed, as last minute change of plans put the special couple from Italy leaving  just 20 minutes after I arrived, and we all thought there would be more time. Still, it all worked out; they made their train on time, and many special photos were captured to highlight the event. Thank you for asking me to capture this wonderful time in your life!!


Songs of Life photographer Linda was amazing. She worked with our large group and made it easy and fun. She had so many unique poses and different ideas of what our group could do collectively, however, our group had a glitch and many had to leave so instead she suggested family photos and separate group photos of cousins, siblings, etc. it was a great experience and we wish for her to continue being our family photographer for all future occasions so we can always look back with perfect clarity. Thank you Linda!
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