Fall Family Portrait Day

September 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Fall Family Portrait Day is here! I think I have found a great way for people to get a mini session in, receive digital images and a tangible product, and..benefit local organizations.

The first Family Portrait Day was a huge success, with all proceeds being given to two local organizations, and families able to receive digital images for themselves.

The second, Fall Family Portrait Day will be benefiting the families who participate, with a percentage being given to Mutual Ground, and the track and field scholarship fund through a local high school.

I am really not a huge fan of "mini" sessions because often the time just seems too rushed. I really like to spend time with each family and get to know them a little before we just jump into the session. I prefer to talk to the children, so they can get to know me a little before hand, too. This does take away from the actual photographing time, but I think it is really important to a successful session.

Families "give up" a lot when they choose to have a mini session. They give up the custom experience, time that could be spent getting to really know each other, time photographing, and most importantly, the relaxed environment that a longer session gives you.

The reason most photographers offer "mini" sessions at such a reduced rate is due to the fact that there is less time involved photographing (all the other time involved is about the same), so if your photographer says "That's a wrap", after 15-20 minutes, just remember you are at a mini session. You give up that time.

With my "mini" sessions, my goal is to still provide as much of a custom experience as possible, spend the beginning getting to know you, and still try to provide a relaxed environment amidst the clicking hands of the clock.

So, my mini sessions are going to last 15-20 minutes, and you will still receive your digital images, and any tangible products that are offered, but mine are a little different in the sense that most of the finances will be donated. This is my way of giving back to two organizations that have helped me and my family, plus give back to you so you can have beautiful memories of your family together.

So, each year, look for three Family Portrait Days that will be held in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I can't wait!


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