Snapshots or Portraits?

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Love and ConnectionLove and ConnectionA beautiful example of a mother's love for her son. Snapshot or Portrait? What is the difference? Is there any?

I have heard over and over again how everyone is a photographer. What does that mean? That everyone can take a photo? Well, if everyone has a smart phone with a good camera then, yes. But is that image a portrait?

Portrait: (I like this definition) A word picture of a persons appearance and character. Usually the head and shoulders. In other words,  a "likeness" of the person or persons. It could be a painting, sculpture or other form of art as well.

What is a snapshot?

Snapshot: an informal photograph taken quickly, typically with a small handheld camera.

So, is everyone a photographer?

Do you want a snapshot or do you want a portrait of your family hanging on the wall of your home that you can love in your home now and pass down to future generations? Perhaps, both. I have both in my home. Special portraits of my family that are hanging on the walls that are true heirlooms that I can give to my children in future years, and fun, small prints of them doing crazy things when they were younger. Both tell stories and both are priceless.

What Do You Value?

Think about that one. Usually, whatever you value you will be willing to pay for and invest time into. If you value your family and children, you will do what you can to be sure they have what they need. If you value your family and children, you will invest in them with time and money. When my children were younger, I was a whiz at figuring out ways to help them succeed. One of my daughters and I bartered mucking horse stalls and feeding horses every day in order for her to take horse back riding lessons. I cleaned a gymnastics facility in order for my daughters to take gymnastics lessons. We may not have money in order to invest in what we value, but we do have time.

How many families pay thousands of dollars each year to go to Disney World? That is a huge expense that holds a lot of memories and is an incredible experience. They value that so they will pay for that.

I value great customer service, humility, and giving back to the community. So, I will invest in and pay  more for something if it is at a store that offers great customer service, is local (family owned business), and truly cares about it's customers. It does not have to be all about the lowest cost. But, then again, if that is what you value; paying the cheapest you can for something, then everything I just said does not matter to you.

So, why hire a professional photographer?

It depends on what you value. If you are just looking for the cheapest way to get someone to take your family's photographs, then you will find a slew of photographers who are hobbyists and weekend warriors doing just that. And, they will hand you digital images that you will now have to do something with. If on the other hand, you value great customer service, having an actual designed art piece in your home, and full service, then yes, hire someone who is in the business of photography who is trained and knows how to interact with your children and produce images that are different than the hobbyists.

Watching this video below will give you a little insight into that why.

So, the next time you are looking for a wonderful experience, great customer service, beautiful portraits of your family, children, high school seniors and heirlooms for your home, please give me a call.




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