What's Happening this Weekend?

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I love this image. Not just because it is an image of my son, but because it truly shows his passion and intensity for his life. My son is Ethan Bell, and he is the lead singer/guitar player/ business owner of the Ethan Bell Band. He is a local musician who not only supports his wife and four children by playing shows in a five state area, but also is an instructor with his Portable Ethan Bell Music Studio. Quite a feat and I am so proud of him.



So, if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend for St. Patricks Day, go see him at Pinheadz in Yorkville on Saturday, March 18th. His band is in the lineup for a great St. Paddy's Day weekend that is full of shows and fun activities to do for your family!

Visit the link below to view the entire lineup plus all the activities you can participate in. And, if you like to run, sign up for the 5K race on Saturday morning!

Check it out here: St. Patrick's Day Festival




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