What's New in 2018

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What's New in 2018

   Every year brings something new in  most everyone's life. In business and in our own personal life. This year brings the completed vision for my business that I have had for several years. It is the end of the first "round" of how I wanted to see my business in order to serve the community the best way I know how.

 There have been many steps, and I am at the top of the staircase with this "round". I still have a hallway to walk down, in a sense, to get to the next set of staircases, but that hallway is how this  year will be.

 With the plethora of photographers in the area, it is nearly impossible to NOT find a photographer that will offer you a session and a handful of digital files on a usb.

Personally, I want to offer the community more. I want to offer you great service, great options, and great value.

 I recently returned from Nashville where I attended a photography conference and a three day intensive class to become a certified professional photographer. I passed the written part of the exam and am now working on image submission! It is daunting and difficult!



 When I returned, my goal was to create more unique options for you for sessions. Instead of just a "children's" session, how about a REAL KIDS SESSION, that puts your child in charge? And, yes, I am sure some of you are thinking, "Well, I do NOT want my child to be in charge...that's crazy." That is kind of the point.

Real Kids Sessions are all about fun and creativity. Your child will choose what clothing he or she wants to wear for the session, choose between four backdrops (all solid colors, but three are neon colors!) and which special item he or she would like to bring and be photographed with.

The end result will be a fun session for both parents and child, creative imagery, wonderful memories, but most importantly, your child will have one more way to help him or her develop good self esteem and a feeling of worth and value. If you allow your child to make these decisions (and I know you will have some of an influence in the decision making process, but really try to let him or her do it alone), I truly believe you will see the benefits to your child.

And, with all sessions starting this year, there is NO session fee or All inclusive fee. You only pay for products/artwork that you want, and products/artwork begins at $299, with special products available for purchase for this session starting at $199.

Other new session offerings include City Life or Country Life On Location Sessions and Beauty From Within.

Check out the links to learn more and call the studio at 630-636-9107 to schedule your session today!


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