Basics of Photography

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Looking for a couple ideas about the basics of photography? Visit the link below for some general info about photography!

The Basics of Photography

There is so much that goes into photographing anything. Photography has been called painting with light for many years, and really, it is so very true. Whereas a painter uses paint to create depth, dimension, and a beautiful piece of art, the photographer uses light for the same reason.

A photograph looks it's best when light is used to create contrast with highlights and shadows, and this is used in all photography from portraits to landscapes.

Think about a portrait of an athlete. A dramatic portrait would use light to emphasize the dimension of the athlete's physique, which would create definition of muscles and body shape. So choosing the correct light modifier, light direction, and placement are all necessary.

Using this technique is not as effective on a portrait of a newborn, though. Usually, softer, more flat light is used to create a subtle, airy look to the portrait. So, choosing a different light modifier, light direction and placement are necessary to create this look.

So, in order to create the best portrait, you need to understand light. More about that later!


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