Real Kids Studio Sessions

    Put your kids in charge! 

     Your child will choose the backdrop, clothing, & special items to be photographed with.

        Sessions held in the studio and last up to an hour.

        No session fee or all inclusive fee; you only pay for the products you desire at your Ordering Appointment.

    All products for this session start at $199

              Three Collection Options (Best Value)

Our Create Your Own Collection system gives you control. Since you choose what your Collection will look like by choosing the artwork/products you want, you control the cost and get exactly what you want.


  $100 Booking fee needed to secure your time/day and will be deducted from your order at your Ordering Appointment.

Real Kids Sessions showcase your child at his or her best in an authentic, fun way. Great for celebrating milestones in your child's life and for ages 3-8.



Contact the studio to learn more and book your session today.

Songs of Life Photography Studio

3 W. Rickard Dr. Oswego, IL. 60543