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Canvas, Woods, and Specialty Artwork

Songs of Life Photography Values having a printed product that you can love in your home now and pass down to family and friends in the future. We believe in having a tangible piece of your history so you do not become a part of the Lost Generation.

Starting in the film industry, Linda has seen the transition from film to digital and the benefits of both. We love both; the ease of digital but the classic quality of film.  We do not wish to see your history disappear into the digital world but understand the wish to share. Because of this everyone will leave the studio with an heirloom art piece that they can love in their home now and pass down to family and friends and digital files so you can share in an instant.

More products are available, as the ones above give you an overview of the uniqueness of what is offered. Give the studio a call to learn more and to receive our Full Product Menu.

Songs of Life Photography Studio

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