Welcome to Songs of Life Photography Studio where we cherish you, your family, and your loved ones. Our goal and hope is for you to have a tangible art piece in your home of your loved ones that you can love now and pass down to future generations.

Photography has little to do with cameras, but everything to do with you.

It is the beauty of life captured!

The Importance of Family Portraiture

There is so much more to being a "photographer" than just picking up a camera and calling yourself a photographer. Photography is a craft, a skill, and has so many techniques that are necessary in order to capture the best image of you and your family.

My goal is to showcase you, your love, and each other and in order to do that, I need a certain skill set. I am in the business of photography, and I just happen to be a photographer that values you and your family. Choosing Songs of Life Photography Studio will not get you the cheapest photographer around, but over 35 years experience in the photography world, respect, unparalleled customer service, skill, technique, and a knowledge of my craft.

You and your family are worth investing in, and having a tangible heirloom that you can love in your home now and pass down to future generations is priceless.

Visit the following article that gives you a little insight into what it means to have art, that happens to be your family, in your home.

Your Family is Worth Investing In

Ivonne, Samantha, and Mia


















Back in May, I offered a "giveaway" for those wishing to have images of their family. I asked to leave comments about why having a photo session is important to you and why.

Ivonne's response touched my heart. Here she is with her two beautiful daughters, Samantha and Mia. Beautiful family, beautiful hearts.



Family Portrait Day

Every year, Songs of Life Photography Studio hosts a Family Portrait Day at a local forest preserve. Donation only sessions are held for 20 minutes and give all families an opportunity to have beautiful images of their family at the cost they decide upon. The donations collected are given to two different organizations: Mutual Ground, a Domestic Violence shelter, and  the Yorkville High School Senior Cross Country and Track scholarship for seniors wishing to run in college. Thank you to all who participated!

















Carter at 9 Months

So, this little one is pretty adorable. Seeing how he has grown during the first year of his life has been incredible. And, now at 9 months having his first outdoor session! Can't wait to see him in another three months!

The Kelly Family

  The Kelly family is wonderful. Connor is always happy, loving, and full of life. I have had the joy of photographing them several times, and I hope many more years to come. This session was a little different; using a solid backdrop instead of a scenic one. It puts the focus on them, where it belongs!