The Lost Generation

July 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Have you ever heard of a digital heirloom?

Did you know?

By relying on electronic ways to view and archive images, our society may be in danger of losing our entire personal history.

35% of consumers have not printed a photo in more than 12 months.

70% do not have any photo albums

42% no longer print photos

(from a survey by the Professional Photographers of America)

More photos are being taken now than ever before, but they are nearly all digital files with very few products or prints being produced.

Digital files are not safe. Digital files get corrupted. Digital files serve a purpose, but are not archival, yet millions of memories are being entrusted to computers, ipads, clouds, and phones.

The most photographed generation of our time could wind up being the Lost Generation.

Why is this important?

Because years from now when your children want to see a photo of themselves as a  baby, you might not have one.

Years from now when you want to look back on your wedding day,

you might not be able to.

And, many years from now when your children or grandchildren are looking for parts of their past, they might not find anything but memories stored in their mind.

I chose to help preserve your memories so you will not be a part of the Lost Generation.

When you choose Songs of Life Photography Studio, you are choosing to remember your moments and family by seeing them in a beautiful Wall Art Piece hanging on your wall, or, as you sit side by side laughing and hugging as you glance through your beautiful album of photos.

Choose Songs of Life if you want to have an heirloom; a tangible piece of history that you can hand down your children, grandchildren and friends.

Choose to preserve your history for your family and do not become a part of the Lost Generation.



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