Taking Snapshots of your Children

February 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

How to Capture Great Snapshots of Your Children

     You know your children best. And, you have many resources available to you to be able to take great photographs of them! Camera phones, consumer digital cameras and point and shoots can all take nice snapshots of your little ones.

 So, here are a few things to keep in mind when you are out with your family and want to capture some of those memories.

 1. Let them be themselves; especially if they are toddlers or babies. Trying to get children that age to pose is pretty impossible. The photo taken to the left is a perfect example of that. Instead of insisting on having this wonderful one year old sit, I let him do his thing and followed him around. The result was a fun image of him being who is is at this age...a fun, one year old!

2. Timing is key: if you want your children to be more cheerful, plan your photos around them after naps or mealtimes. You know how your  children can be if they are tired and hungry: just like adults! Grumpy and uncontrollable. :)

3. Look for great light. Having your children in blazing sunlight will  only wash out their faces and make for some awful shadows. Do your best to find open shade and snap away.

4. Check your composition. When viewing your image in your viewfinder, look to see if your subject is  off center...in otherwords on the "grid." If you picture a tic tac toe game without the x's and o's, you have a grid; otherwise known as the rule of thirds. Placing your subject in one of those intersecting lines will make for a much better composition and more appealing photograph. The photo below is a great example of that.

5. Most importantly, have fun, enjoy being with your children and PRINT your images. Don't let them die on your computer or phone.



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