Gnerational Sessions

July 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

GENERATIONAL SESSIONS When was the last time you had all your family members together in one place at one time?  And, when was the last time you were all photographed together?

 It might not seem like a valuable or important thing to do now, but as time goes on, this becomes much more priceless. Who is going to look at this image in ten years and wish they did not have this? My guess is no one. They will all treasure this moment and remember it well. It will bring to mind a wonderful time in their life when each family member was able to see each other one more time.

We raise our children to become responsible adults and live their own lives and that often means having them live out of state or even hours away. We miss them and hope that some day, we can all be together again. So, in those moments that you are not together, and not close distance wise,  you can look at images like the ones here, and see yourselves together again. Remember the  moments and remember the times you had, and hopefully, in the future, make new memories with each other.


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