Imaging USA 2018

January 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I just returned to reality. The reality of living in Illinois and not being somewhere else.  And, I do mean that in the most pleasant way. For one week, though, I was in Nashville at a photography conference learning and studying. Even though I did not see anything more than the host hotel and the hotel I was staying in, it felt like a different world all together!

I can honestly say that everyone I met in Nashville were some of the most polite, kindest people I have ever  met. Being called ma'am a lot and having doors opened for me was pretty awesome. It is definitely true what is said about the south.

I like to attend Imaging USA as there are always a plethora of speakers and topics, and I always glean something from there to help my business, which in turns, helps you. This year, I attended a three day intensive class to prepare me for taking the Certified Professional Photographer's exam. And, yes, it was intensive, but it was also confusing. Did you know that there is a TON of math in photography? I always knew that, and have used the principles, but when it comes down to figuring out the formulas, I am lost.  I will find out my results in three weeks!

But, I am not done there. I have to submit 15 images according to certain standards, so if you get a call from me asking you to be the model for what I have to prepare, feel free to volunteer!

As I have mentioned in the past, photography is so much more than just buying a new camera, sticking it on auto, and snapping away. There is so much to it that in order to really be "professional", a person needs to understand, implement and do it. We learn the rules to be a photographer, so we can break them and be an artist. And, that is my goal. I want to continue learning so I can photograph correctly, but my  ultimate goal is to be a Photographic Artist; one that will showcase you and your family as beautiful, heirloom art.

Because that is what photography  is: painting with light and creating beautiful artwork that just happens to be your family.




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